Winning Christmas Presents

I probably do not want to know how much money I have spent on presents that were tossed to the side and never looked at again.  They usually can be found later in a pile with parts of tape and wrapping paper still hanging on!

This year, I felt like I knew the girls a little better and they have more definite likes and interests.  Compared to years past, I didn’t spend as much money on Christmas gifts.  However, we got several things that seem to be a big hit with the girls!

Most of my purchases were made on amazon.  I LOVE me some Amazon Prime!  One of our favorite gifts that the whole family is enjoying is the Winning Moves Tile Lock Scrabble that we got.  We have played it multiple times a day.  The twins can’t spell well yet so playing with them might make you want to throw it through the front window   requires a little patience. 🙂  It is especially fun for LG.  Henry and I may or may not have played a game alone after the kids were in bed last night.  I told him that we were going to make awesome old people!

Hands down, the most favored gift of all the girls is a cardboard box!  Shocker! This Easy Playhouse
actually comes in the form of a playhouse and it has been a HUGE hit!  The girls love them.  I ordered them back in the summer when they were on for $19.99 but I would probably pay amazon’s price now that I know how much they love them.   They have decorated them and love to hang out in them with their toys and play.

Of course, we had to throw in some babysitters  electronic devices.  But once again, amazon came through with $35 kindles.  Henry downloaded a program called Freetime (also from Amazon) which allows him to set a time limit, as well as an on and off time.  This has really taken care of the five more minutes that some kids (not mine, of course) might argue about.

 So, it’s time to begin my Christmas shopping for next year!

HO, $ HO, $, HO $

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