Things I’m Loving This Week

I’m struggling here.  This is my Monday post and!

Ahhh… just came to me.  I’m slightly convicted by putting it here because I’ve also been reading Trim Healthy Mama
and I’m pretty sure the sugar content in these is through the roof.  I’m simply guessing there because I refuse to look at the label.

So, moving along…. Delicious Dried Mangoes  are my new favorite snack.  I have to hide them from myself and I’m pretty sad to see that there are in fact about two pounds of them in the bag.  That means that I have eaten about 1/2 pound a day (give or take).  Sigh… so very good.  Think fruit roll up for adults, only better.  I seriously get sad when the bag gets near empty.  When I remember that I have them, think Pavlov’s dog.  Serious.

I think I’ll wrap up with that one.  They are so good that they really don’t need to share the post with anything else.

Happy Monday!

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