My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Recipes

A few months in with Trim Healthy Mama, I believe this plan just might work!  Who knew? 😉

I blogged about a few changes that I made initially to get me started.


I want to share a few of my favorites here.  I’m linking to the original articles and recipes so that you can see the amazing photographs.  When I’m HANGRY, I am not stopping to take a pretty picture.  I’m thankful for these ladies who have done the hard work!

This cinnamon roll muffin in a mug WITH cream cheese frosting is from and is uh-mazing!  It is so filling and I feel like I have eaten something that is off plan.  Hers is really pretty. I just mix mine up in a microwaveable bowl and dig in.  It’s really worth a try!

Lazy Lasagna from Trim Healthy Mama is really good.  When I first thought of replacing my noodles with spinach, I wasn’t very excited.  However, the flavors are wonderful and you don’t miss those carbs.  It is a keeper!

These banana muffins from mymontanakitchen are also very yummy.  They were one of the first recipes that I tried and I have made them many more times.  They are quick.  I eat them with plain greek yogurt and really enjoy them.

In case you think that I eat too many muffins (I guess I might) I will add in a few recipes that are also keto friendly.

Loaded cauliflower is a side dish that we can’t get enough of.  It is SO good!  It might sound weird to switch our your potatoes for cauliflower but just try it!

Another favorite is low carb broccoli cheese soup with bacon .  This is so good!  I keep saying filling because, to me, the best recipes are those that fill me up and don’t add pounds to the scales.

Fat head rolls are also a great go-to bread.

So, there you have it.  These are a few recipes that I love in one place.  Thanks for reading my notes to self. 🙂


Gifts for Those Who Dislike More Stuff

Clutter.  Stuff.  Energy-sucking things.

This is how I could describe the things that can so easily creep into my life and home.  I know that there are different degrees of minimalism and I’m somewhere in there.

I like to have a few sentimental things and a few choice pieces in my home.  However, I need for my smooth surfaces to be clean before I can rest my mind.  I’d like to say that this means that my surfaces stay clutter free…it basically means that my mind doesn’t rest as much as I’d like.

I’d really like to be able to sit and read, or play, or anything in the middle of a mess.  But I can’t.

I spent years making myself feel guilty because I couldn’t turn a blind eye to the dishes in the sink and the laundry to be folded in order to do something more fun.  I’ve now decided that I need to be efficient in getting those things done so that I can then move on to the “more important” things.

I detest clutter.  I look at possessions and think how much of my life they will require me to give up.

I’m sure that makes me pretty hard to shop for.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that there are very few gifts that I appreciate.  I don’t mean that as harshly as it sounds. I appreciate the thought but most THINGS  just don’t impress me.

Before you think that I’m being unkind, let me throw out a few things that would be great gifts for someone who doesn’t like stuff.  I’ll stress that this is my own personal opinion. If you want to buy me a gift, then check the list.  That would be super cool. 😉  Otherwise, chances are there might be someone in your life who might have a similar personality and interests and might simply dislike things.

Here are some ideas that I think would make great gifts for those who don’t want more things:

Consumables such as:

  • pretty napkins or paper products
  • nice soaps
  • a candle
  • homemade cleaning supplies
  • essential oils
  • a bird feeder and seeds

Items that might need to be replaced:

  • a nice pillowcase
  • pretty dishtowel

Food items:

  • homemade jams/jellies
  • raw honey
  • fruit baskets
  • baked bread
  • herb garden
  • specialty coffee or tea

Thoughtful Personal gifts:

  • a cutting from your garden in a pretty pot
  • an online subscription
  • a gift card for an outing
  • a night of babysitting
  • a certificate for a pedicure

While many of these things may be specific to me, I think that most people who dislike more “stuff” would find one or two things that they could appreciate.


What about you?  What would you add?  What is your view on stuff?

DIY Birthday Cakes for Your Kids

I love a good DIY project and decorating cakes is a hobby that makes me happy so putting those together is fun for me!

About half way through the mess of baking, I tend to remember that Costco and Sam’s both sell 1/2 sheet cakes for less than $20.

But, alas, my kids like for me to bake and decorate their birthday cakes and that makes me happy.  It is a labor of love and actually quite fun to see their ideas come to life!  The delight that they get from them is worth every minute.  They really are truly excited and appreciative.

For this year, my twins asked for two totally different cake styles.  Apparently when you turn eight, it is no longer cool to share a theme.  My cat lover wanted a cake with “tangled up cats.”  My horse lover wanted a pasture scene with horses.

Although I have an excellent home made white cake recipe, I went straight to Wal-Mart to aisle 9 and picked up my favorite boxed white cake mix.  You just cannot go wrong with this one!

For the chocolate cake, I used this devil’s food mix.  I am not a chocolate lover but apparently it is yummy.

I only have one set of round pans and one rectangular cake pan, so I helped the girls to decide that is just what we needed to have the perfect cakes.  The power of persuasion was strong.

So, after a morning of baking, cooking, and leveling the cakes, we were ready!

I used a basic Wilton frosting recipe for the white cake and this chocolate buttercream recipe for the other.  It is the best chocolate one that I’ve tried.   Yummm!

My cat lover is also a foodie.  She loved the strawberry cream cheese filling that I had used on her daddy’s birthday cake so she requested it for her own.  It is really, really good and takes a cake from basic to amazing.

I let the girls choose a set of Toobs to use for the figures on their cakes.  This was like a little gift before the birthday and they put A LOT of thought into just which ones to get.

You really can’t go wrong with “tangled up cats.”  This was super easy to decorate. To make the yarn balls, I covered a bouncy ball and a marble with icing.  This worked well but kept me on my toes at the party to make sure that they got removed before becoming a choking hazard!

It was a bit more fun to decorate the horse cake.  I would have really liked to add a fence  (my idea was to use pretzels and icing) but she insisted that her horses were free roaming. 😉

Overall, we had a really good time with these. It was worth the effort and I felt a bit like superwoman as they oooohed and aaahhhed over the results!

They are already planning for next year!