What is Filling My Jar? – Thoughts on Priorities

Be all the things.  Do all the things.  Monitor all the things.  Say all the right things.  Don’t say the wrong things.

It feels like I get very busy trying to do “the things.”  It is rare for me to stop and take anything slowly.  Why? Because somehow I or society or someone has convinced me that I can’t.  ALL of the things must.be.done.

I am working really hard on trying to do the BEST things.  There are so many things that I can fill my time doing that really are useless.  I can put energy into all sorts of things that drain me and really have no purpose.  Sometimes Henry and I will laugh after we know that we’ve spent time on something that really didn’t turn out to be worth it.  We will say “well, that was an hour of our life that we will never get back.”  Isn’t that true?

There is a story that has been around for a while.  I think I might have heard it first in college in one of my education classes.  It is so true about how we fill our day, our lives.  It is a calling to look at our priorities.  Here is one version of it if you’d like to read it in full.

Basically, we have the things that we should see as the most important uses of our time.  Those are our big rocks.  Those have to go into our “jar” of life first.  Then we can pour in the other smaller things that are important (pebbles) and they still fit in the cracks.  If we start with the smallest unimportant things, the sand, and fill up our days and lives with those things….we will not be able to fit anything else in.  However, if we prioritize and put everything in its place…it fits!

My words say that my big rocks are God and my family.  My question for myself today is “Is my jar filled up accordingly?”