Remember when?

tapeSo even though it is Monday and it has been all day long, I usually don’t think of myself as “old” (even if I may feel like it right now.)  I overheard Henry talking to Amelia tonight and I didn’t hear details but I just heard him say “you won’t even know what that is when you are older because they probably won’t have them.”  During my walk tonight, I started thinking about how strange it seemed to me when I was young to hear my papaw (who just happened to be the most amazing man I’ve ever known and was delivered straight into the arms of God in 2000 at the earthly age of 91) talk of putting a heated brick into a sack to keep his feet warm as he rode in the wagon to school in the winter.  I remember how he talked of sleeping on a straw bed and relating how he had to be still so as not to overturn during the night.  I wish I remembered more.  I wish I had asked more, or listened more, or sat still longer, or something.  So the purpose of this blog is to simply go down memory lane and put into writing some memories so that when I, or my kids, look back (while living on Mars and driving a car like the Jetsons…lol) it will bring a smile, or a question, or an “I remember that too.”  On a side note, many of these relate to school, as I was obsessed with becoming a teacher from an early age. 🙂

Remember when:

-It was a privilege to be the kid who got to sit in the front of the class and show your book, while patiently waiting until you heard that stupid tinkerbell sound to let you know the page needed to be turned – and I was in the gifted class!

-It was also big stuff to get to go outside and dust the erasers by beating the heck out of them on the sidewalk, or the building, or whatever you found because at that point in time, we had chalkboards..the real kind that had to be washed at the end of the day.  You know what else?  I doubt it if any teacher wrote in the lesson plans “students will spend the last 30 minutes of class cleaning up my room for tomorrow!”

-The slide at recess was a piece of metal (hot as fire in August) that had no safety rails WHATSOEVER

-No one used seat belts and you rarely heard of fatalities from car crashes – was there such a thing as a carseat?  Seriously, was there?

-Just when the music was getting good, the needle would stick on the record player and the entire song would have to be restarted – probably how rap music came to be!

-Ooh, ooh me…I want to sit and turn the knob on the film projector so that I can totally mess with everybody’s eyesight and leave it halfway in between the pictures – don’t you LOVE the kid who could not figure out how to do this without everyone in the class saying “TURN IT!”  I still remember his name and it started with a J….he’s on facebook….lol!

-The worst possible thing that could happen was that the little piece of tape would come out of your cassette and twist!  GGRRRR… about stress

Okay, I have myself laughing at that one.  I once had a crazy boyfriend who did that to my tapes for payback..what? Who does that??????

-It was punishable to pass notes in class!  Wouldn’t my teachers have had fun with texting?…oh my goodness.

-New Year’s Eve meant Casey Kasem would be on the radio the entire next day and you could sing loud and long to ALL 100 of your favorite songs (as chosen by those people whose parents let them pay the 25 cents that it took to call in and vote..ok, made that up..but really, who did decide?)

-Rick Springfield and Scott Bayo posters were the artwork of choice for most teenage girls’ rooms.

-You had two channels and to see them well meant someone had to go outside and “turn the antenna” while you yelled from inside “ok, that’s, back…no, I said that’s good…we can see it!”

Ok, this has gotten too long….but it was fun for me. If you are one of my younger friends, thanks for reading the other posts…lol.  If you’re a little wiser……leave me some laughs in the comments!

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