Quick Tip Tuesday – Tip #4

For the month of June, I’ve been sharing quick tips!  The posts are quick to read and the tips are quick to implement.

I personally use all of the quick tips and have saved a lot of money by doing them!

Today’s tip for saving money is making your own detergent.

I have shared this before through a longer post but I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with this recipe that I’m using.  The key to the success for me has been to let the bar of soap dry out for about a week (this requires some planning ahead).  It grates into a very fine powder if you do that and will dissolve easily in the wash.

You might think that this is time consuming but I can make a batch in about 20 minutes now.

It is so simple to make, cleans well, is cheap, and is better for the environment.

If you make your own detergent and have tips to share, please leave a comment!  I love learning from others!




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