Perfect Moms Unite

Gorillas. Gorillas. Everywhere.

I love gorillas, too. I really do.  I wish they weren’t locked up for people to oooh and aaah over.  I wish they were just allowed to do gorilla things in the wild.  But they are. So, I don’t think I can really change that.  It doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

I also eat meat so I really can’t get all overly hypocritical here.  I have not done a lot of research but I am sure that many of the products in my home have in some way damaged habitats or animals themselves (I’m thinking the 2 x 4’s that make up my walls!)

So, what happened in Cincinnati?

I haven’t read every.single.article on the topic but I’ve read enough.  It seems that the mom got distracted.  The kid did his own thing which involved going somewhere he should not have been able to go.  He shouldn’t have been able to go (away from mom) and he shouldn’t have been able to get in there at all (through boundaries meant to divide).

But. he. did.

And then people went crazy.  It is sad.  It is.  Honestly, I can’t imagine reliving that nightmare of having to make that decision or watch that unfold.  The whole event was tragic.  Heartbreaking.

But people!

A little boy was in danger.

People have made death threats to the mom.  (Not the dad.  Apparently he’s off the hook because?) That is so sad that we as a society think that resorting to that is the answer!

I wonder how many of those people have kids!  Be careful what you say you will never do.  This is what I think when I read many of the comments.


When I brought my first born home from the hospital, I was filming him with one of the old recorders that was about the size of a piece of luggage.  I’m holding it on my shoulder and thinking that I will touch his face to get him to make baby noises.  Oh, I did all right!  I was watching through the lens of the camera and didn’t realize how close I was.  I stuck my finger right into his eye.  He made baby noises for a really long time!  I’m so glad facebook wasn’t around and I didn’t post that for public shaming!

Every child that I have (seriously probably all five) has had their head bonked because I was walking through a doorway cradling them and wasn’t used to the “extension” there.

When my son (same son… sorry) was around three months old, I left him on the bed.  I came back.  He had learned to roll over….right smack onto the floor.

My daughter was about six months old when she ate a napkin while she was sitting at the table with my mom.  Scary stuff!

I was once playing with my son (other son now…need a balance here) and told him I was going to throw him out the door.  That sounds harsh but it really was a time of joking.  So anyway, I’m swinging him around like an airplane and I open my front door which was never used.  Wasps flew in and stung him!  What!!???

Just this past weekend, we drove four hours to my mom’s home.  It was at that point that we realized that my daughter had apparently unbuckled her booster seat.  When?  Who knows?  But she rode at least most of the way without restraints.  (Like I did my whole childhood but that’s another post.)

A friend of mine went to Disney World with her family of six.  One daughter quietly stopped to tie her shoe and everyone else kept walking with the crowd.  She was lost in Disney World!  Thankfully, she found security and was able to find her parents!

I’m sure that every single parent has their own set of stories (that they don’t want to make public) that ended with them being thankful that the worst possible scenario did not play out.

And all the momas breathe a collective sigh of relief that they aren’t on the news during their worst parenting moments.

We, the people, are so quick to judge.

Law, Justice, Court, Judge, Legal

I agree 100% that there are thousands of parents who are neglecting their children.  There are.  (Leaving your child in the mountains without you for punishment comes to mind.) It is sad and it hurts my heart to read of cases of neglect or abuse.  From what we can tell, this is not the case here.

Mary and Joseph left Jesus for three days!  They lost him for three days!  God himself chose Mary to be Jesus’ mother and she left town without him.  If facebook had been a thing, we would have probably read about that.  Mary, Mary….smh.  I can just see the comments now.

So, let’s don’t be too quick to place guilt on every single person who doesn’t get it exactly right.  The difference is that she didn’t get it right publicly.

What about if we built up other moms by doing a few nice things:

  1. Help moms!  Many mothers are overwhelmed and lonely.  If you see those signs in someone, be helpful.  Take a meal.  Sit with the kids.  Help with laundry.
  2. Listen.  No one wants to admit that they can’t do it all.  That’s what successful mothers do, right?  Be a real friend (as opposed to a fake one) and assure them that they will be ok.
  3. Educate people.  We, as a society, have to educate people on what is appropriate.  We get all excited that kids can do the whip and nae-nae and hit a ball with a stick and we forgot to teach them  how to act!
  4. Give grace.  To yourself.  To your kids.  To other mothers.

We aren’t perfect.  NONE.OF.US.  That is no excuse not to try to parent and love and protect and be the best possible.  But we are going to mess up.

I pray that our children, yours and mine, grow up healthy and happy.

Now, I’m going to get off of the computer and go outside to watch mine because they are outside alone!

See……not perfect!






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