No Thanks, I Don’t Want to Save Money

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I was having a conversation a few weeks ago with someone who has no desire (and no need, I suppose) to save money.  She just simply said, “You’re cracking me up.” as I was explaining Ebates.

I started thinking about why that is.  Now, obviously, some people have plenty of money and don’t worry about spending it.  But…..EVEN then.  They surely care about some aspects of their lives more than others.  There must be priorities.  When you save in one category, you can spend more in another!  That is the exciting part of budgeting for me.

I’ve tried to come up with some possible reasons (other than that one) that people might not care about saving money.

  1. You have to say “NO” sometimes.  I have to tell myself (and often my family members) no about some things.  Sometimes that is hard.  It requires reminding everyone of our priorities.
  2. Others are watching.  I have been on many outings with people who bought things that they did not need (and really didn’t want) with money that they did not have because certain people were in the mix.  Peer pressure is still alive and well for adults!
  3. It does require time.  It takes time to find a deal.  I don’t just start shopping. I always use Ebates.  I check ibotta  and Checkout51 before I shop.  I look through and print needed coupons before I go shopping.
  4. It takes planning!  We’ve all been there.  We simply haven’t thought about what we are going to eat tonight.  We have a birthday party at 2 and we still have to get the gift.  The list could go on.
  5. They are unaware of how much they’re really spending.  Most people that I’ve talked to are shocked once they sit down to look at their monthly expenses.  (I was in this category.) Not surprising, we tend to “eat up” more than we imagined at restaurants.  It all adds up so quickly.

I love having a budget.  It helps me to feel like I have control over where my money is going.  It might seem that a budget is restricting.  I’ve found quite the opposite to be true.  I am actually able to spend money on the things that I love by spending less on the things that aren’t so important to me.

So, what about you?  Do you keep a budget?

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