Out of Sorts

This past few weeks have been a whirwind.  I am recovering from surgery and am desperately missing a routine. I spent too much time on social media and have developed quite a bit of anxiety about the state of our nation.  My teenager has a job that has him getting home at 1 a.m. (which is now my bedtime, I guess). It is a brand new chapter in our home as I am not returning to a teaching job and will be homeschooling the girls.  Put simply, I am struggling and truly just feel out of sorts!  I don’t recognize this little phase.

Yesterday, I was quite defeated.  I felt on edge all day. I didn’t accomplish much and I couldn’t even figure out what my priorities were!  Crazy!  If you’ve ever felt like that, then you know that you’re thinking how irrational the feelings are!  LOL  The whole time, I’m fully aware of how difficult I’m being. My poor hubby…..:)

Then I slept.  Yep, I took a sleep aid and I slept!

Today, I feel so much more capable of handling life!  It also helps tremendously that I started my day off with devotion.  If you don’t have the first 5 app, I highly recommend it to you.    Then I read this Proverbs 31 devotion…..Oh it was for me!  I am truly in awe sometimes of how good God is and how he speaks to ME when I need him to!  He knows my thoughts, my fears, my disappointments and sends me just what I need. Even when I’m grumpy and irrational, I am encouraged me so much!

So today I’m slowly but surely getting back on track.  I am redirecting my anxious thoughts. (hard)  I am allowing myself to rest when I need to. (harder)  I am giving myself a little grace because I don’t have it all together.  (hardest)  If you’re in a weak spot, I hope that you can do things to get yourself back on track too!

Here’s a song that I am loving today.  It’s one of my favorites.  It’s a promise!  Here’s to positive days ahead!






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