Obedience – and how I failed at it

My husband and I taught our twins’ first grade Sunday school class last week.  The topic was obedience.  The story was told of Adam and Eve and how they doubted that God’s rules were best for them.  I mean, it sounds easy right?  You just eat ALL the other fruit but not this one kind.

We helped the children learn their memory verse and recite how it’s good to trust and follow the rules of those who are in authority, for they are looking out for you.  We all left with the verse memorized, the hand motions down and the overall sense that we should follow the rules.

Then…it was Monday!

I had a hysterectomy four weeks ago today (July 13).  I had a set of strict rules and restrictions that was sent home with me.  I was informed of the rules by at least five different people, both while I was coherent and a few times while I was drugged.  Either way….I KNEW the rules.

I woke up feeling fantastic yesterday.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to feel somewhat normal.  I spent much of the morning in the backyard with the girls.  We needed to wash the swingset off.  The water hoses really weren’t heavy.  I could do this!

The floor in the hallway needed to be vacuumed. Now, I knew that was a big No-No!  Five minutes though?  Really?  And I was just going to walk with the vacuum.  No twisting or pulling required.

Aaahhh….do you see where this is going?

I am back on the couch today.  I needed the good pain meds last night. I may end up calling the doctor.  ALL of this because I didn’t trust my doctor or the thousand other people who cautioned against doing too much.

So, I’ve had to teach my children from the recliner today.  I’m not very fun. I’m grouchy.  I’m slightly depressed.

If I was Eve I am sure I would hide too!

I have promised myself that I will practice what I preach.  How good is it to try to teach others and not follow it myself?

So, there’s my confession for today.  I heard but I didn’t listen.  I read but I recycled the papers. I thought I knew better.

Now I know.

Bridge, Jumping, Rule Breaking

Sometimes, I can relate. 🙁


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