Love to Mom, From A Teacher

Teacher appreciation week is coming to a close and mother’s day will be here in a few days.  Those two events celebrate what most of my days are about.

We’ve all seen the signs, the bumper stickers, the pins.

If you can read this, thank a teacher.

“All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”  – Abraham Lincoln

Teaching-the job that makes all others possible.

“Motherhood – All love begins and ends there.”   – Robert Browning

I could go on and on. It’s all true. Every single one of them.
As a teacher, I have a few things that I think you moms should know.
We appreciate your appreciation. We really do. The heartfelt cards, the flowers, candy, and for me personally, the cokes. They are all appreciated.

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But what we’d really like for you to know is… we are in this together.  We are on the same team, you and I.  We are both investing in the future with the hope that it will be better than the present.  We love it when you support us. We know that these kids of yours really do want to be accepted and supported, too. They long to please us, both of us, all of us.  We also know that they let us both down sometimes.

But on those other days, we notice things about your child during the day that would make you proud. We notice the students who stop to help pick up the books that someone dropped. We see those who stay after class to help arrange the desk.  We get told “thank you” when we pass out tests.  We see those who make friends with the new kids.  It blesses us. We know when you’re requiring manners in your home. We are hopeful.

You allow us to share your child’s day.  We learn so much about them. We know that your child has an interest in the arts because of the doodling on the side of their notes.  We see the introvert reading alone in the corner and walk over to take an interest in the series that they’ve just started. We spot those at recess who aren’t quite as mature as the others. We see those who play differently. And we smile because different really is a good thing.

We know that we are there to meet needs, of all shapes and sizes. We notice those who are writing with pencils that are too short and don’t have an eraser. We quietly slip one onto their desk as we pass. We pass out tissues and mumble bless you’s when they sneeze and when they’re absent we usually know why.  We leave paper out for those who don’t have it.  We actually read those papers that we assign and we learn a lot.  We love to hear those thoughts. We try to inspire with our comments.

Really all that we want is for you to know that we are capable. We have been equipped well to do this. Sure there are some people who don’t belong in the classroom. But most of us do. We’ve been successful because the same work ethic that we require of your children, we require of ourselves.  So trust me.  I am for your child…. even if they have a C average.  I am for you!

What I’d like for you to know is that I also know that parenting is hard. I know that you’re doing your best, too. I know that when the homework isn’t done and the papers aren’t signed and the kids are late to school and the uniforms are stained and the field trip money didn’t get turned in that you’re doing your best.

And that’s all we can ask from any of us.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Love, A Teacher

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