Stack Your Memory Stones

Have you ever driven along a familiar road of your childhood with your kids in the car? I have many times and I always find myself pointing out the window to show them things that hold memories for me.

Scents and scenes have the ability to bring those memories forward in my mind.   A fall wind, the salt in the air near the ocean, the sound of a horn in a tunnel when we are on a trip….all linked to memories.

When I drive around in my hometown, I can remember little bits that I share with my kids and my husband.  Recently, I showed them the movie theater in my hometown of Louisville, Mississippi and told them that parents would park around the corner to pick up their kids so that we wouldn’t “be seen” being picked up.  So strange…since obviously none of us could drive ourselves there.   That was obviously many years ago, as the theater is now listed as a historic site!

I can still smell the almond flavoring of petit fours when I think of a little pastry shop we visited on occasion after school.  There was a screen door with a bell that alerted the owners of a customer and you could smell the deliciousness long before stepping inside.

Memories….things to share as a glimpse into my life.  Things that no one else would remember if I didn’t tell them.

I’m currently going through the book of Joshua as part of a Bible Study Fellowship called People of the Promised Land.  We just finished the chapter in which the Israelite people had just crossed the Jordan River.  They were instructed to take stones and build an altar so that they might tell all who looked upon it in the future of what God had done.

It was a symbol that could be used to remind the Israelites how God had been faithful to His promises.  It was also a symbol that would cause future generations to ask “Hey..what’s with the stones?”

I started thinking about the hundreds of times when God has been faithful to me.  Probably far more than I can even recall after time has passed.  Maybe it’s time I start writing them down and constructing a little stack of “memory stones” so that I can not only remember myself but encourage others.

As I look back, I can remember that God was faithful and He will continue to be.

Whether I write them, build a physical monument, or just revisit them in my mind, let me park my mind on where God has shown up over and over.   Let me be thankful and let me tell others!

My son built this while we were hiking in Gatlinburg.

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