My love/hate relationship with Dave Ramsey

$how me the money!  I love that movie (mainly because of Tom Cruise).  🙂  It just seems like a fitting beginning to this post.  I’m making this post so that I can be accountable for finances this month.  

We are in a bit of a challenge around here to get all finances in order.  Our latest messages at church have been centered around finances and the way that we should view our possessions and finances.  Henry and I did the  financial peace university three years ago.  I can honestly say that I felt closer to Henry during that time than any other.  It is so freeing to take some control over your finances as a team.  We made some very great strides.
Well….stuffiness can creep in and just like all good Americans, we need to look at this again.  So here we go.  One of the few areas where there isn’t a fixed auto draft amount of money each month is the grocery/household budget.  This budget easily gets out of control.  There is no way to compare a grocery budget from one household to the next.  I read blogs where moms feed their family of 19  for something like $40 a week.  In the time it takes me to read the blog entry, the kids have usually gobbled up about $15 worth of groceries.  So……that won’t work.  It’s hard to come up with a realistic amount.

I’m frugal by nature and I feel SOOOOO accomplished when I feed the kids healthy food that I’ve made from scratch.  I think I was born in the wrong era. I’d really love to grow my own fruit and spend the days making jelllies and jams. I’d like to hang my clothes out a line and cross-stitch while they dried.  I’d like to shear my sheep and spin it into yarn or better yet spin my straw into gold!  Now, that would do it!
Ok…back to the topic.

So I’m trying to stay motivated to be a good steward of our finances.  I LOVE decluttering and I’m working on that area too.  Henry often tells the kids to walk faster because I will give them away if they stay still for too long.  That’s a little exaggerated but I do love to clear away things.

So, I’m posting this month of my progress toward my goals.  Every journey begins with a single step!  

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