Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Who knew that Dori was so smart?  This is perfect advice for motherhood.  You just keep on keepin’ on!

I took the girls to a play date with several friends today at Pretend Play Party in Denham Springs.  We enjoyed it last year but the new owner is so friendly and kid oriented. It was very enjoyable for the girls.   I’m pretty sure that my friends and I were able to say a few complete sentences without interruptions. There were a lot of kids there and most were surprisingly well behaved.  Only one kid peed on the floor and I didn’t see any poop anywhere……so I’d say that’s a success!

Moms are super heroes!  We really are!  I mean WHO else is able to stay sane while multitasking 900 things?  Our kids feel loved even if we have to apologize for any crazy moments that we have.  They have a good time except when they don’t.  They eat something every day and some of it is organic.  I mean….WE are awesome.   Happy days of Summer!

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