Being Intentional-Like Sands Through the Hour Glass

I grew up watching Days of Our Lives so I automatically finish that in my best Macdonald Carey voice with “So are the days of our lives.”

I wanted to be Hope when I was a teenager (mainly because of Bo) and I started my yearly Christmas ornaments with my kids because of the tree in Alice Horton’s house.

Though the show is very far fetched and absolutely no one has as many lives as Stefano, there is still some truth in that introduction.  Our days, and our lives, really are like the sands through an hourglass.


Lately I’ve been thinking more about this.  There are MANY days when I am just trying to make it until bedtime.  I’m not sure that I am intentional with my time, or my talents for that matter.

I’ve read several articles lately that I think are worth passing along.

I love to make goals so this article  on Dave Ramsey’s site was thought provoking.  It encouraged me to be intentional about spending time on the people who are most important.

I’m working to try to be more intentional with my prayer life and found this article  at There is Grace inspiring.

No matter what your sand looks like this week, know that it is moving.

I am working to make my days look more like I’m living out my faith.  I’m failing at it A LOT but I will continue to try.

Do you have ways that you are intentional with your days?


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