Day 2 – We Watch and Wait

Day Two – continuation of our experience in the flood of 2016.

We woke to a homemade breakfast by my oldest son, Holton.  The girls were still excited to be having a sleepover with Bubba.

He had gotten a few new toys for the girls.  They were content for a little while that morning but quickly started asking when we could go home.  They almost seemed shocked when I told them that we wouldn’t be going back ‘today.’  My eight year old saw a picture of cookies that she wanted us to bake and asked me if we could go home to make them.  Those were hard no’s to give.

During the day, we sat glued to the television, hoping to get a glimpse of what was happening across town at home.  We also kept an eye on the lake behind my son’s house.  It was steadily creeping toward his back door and never far from my mind.

This included watching for numbers and times of when the rivers and bayous might crest.


As we saw news footage such as this one below, it began to sink in that this was more than we could have imagined.  This picture shows the on and off ramps of our exit being used to launch boats.


Even looking at the picture now brings such anxiety.

Fear began to set in about our cats that we had left upstairs.  I saw pictures of the nearby town of Denham Springs, where some houses were flooded into the attic.  Facebook was filling with posts for help.  Many had lost phone service and were trapped in their homes, which were now their own island in the murky water.  Terrifying to read.

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Henry and I were determined to hide our fear from the girls.  It was too much for us, so I can’t imagine what a child would feel. We saw news footage of children leaving in boats, ice coolers, parent’s arms high over head and counted our blessings that ours had been shielded from most of the reality of this.  Poor babies everywhere.

Meanwhile, we tried to enjoy our time together.  There’s something so comforting about how families come together during crisis.  I can definitely tell you that we were all one team that night, all huddled up on the couches watching the news.  If there was one good thing about this situation, it was that we were all together for the longest that we had been in a while.


I tried very hard to think on scriptures which could help.  Worry could easily overtake me within minutes.  As I type this, I can still feel my heart tremble a little when I remember the fear of that day.

My worries were not really about MY material possessions.  I was haunted because I had made the the girls leave the majority of their most prized possessions, their beanie boos, on their beds.  These were the things they needed to help them to feel normal and I was so, so sad that I had made that decision.  It was out of necessity but I was still so heartbroken for what might become of them.  I also knew that the amount of water that had been left for the cats would not be sufficient for very much longer.  Many prayers were said.

Henry knew that I was getting more anxious by the hour.  He and Haigan decided to see if they could get close to the interstate to find a helping hand to get into the neighborhood.  They did get several miles from our home but the boats were being used for rescuing trapped people, so it wasn’t right to ask to go back into an area that many were just now escaping.

We began sending out pleas through social media to use a boat to return to our house.  Hours later, my sister-in-law found a friend who agreed to meet my husband and son early the next day.

I slept a little easier knowing that we could get some updates the next morning.

To be continued…




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