Choose Joy

photo (1)I intentionally began today with these words in mind.  I had a chance to watch Joyce Meyer, one of my favorites, during last week’s break from school.  One of the statements that she made really made an impact on me. It wasn’t a new concept but it was said just when I needed to hear it.  She said, “If there are things that feel mundane and you have to do them anyway, do them joyfully.”  I haven’t quite made up my mind how that looks when I am doing the dishes or cleaning the toilets, but I’m determined to find out!  I could certainly use a “joy adjustment” when I am doing things that I don’t necessarily choose to do.  I have spent the last two hours laughing with my girls and listening to one of my sons playing guitar.  As I was putting the girls into the bath, my four year old said, “There’s something different about this day.  We’ve been singing and laughing and taking pictures.”  My heart smiled…….Good. That’s a start.

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