Growing up

Oh, the power of words.  What an ability they have to affect me.  Today they did just that.

DSC00452I had been busily cleaning for the past hour or so while the babies napped.   I had gotten Lana Grace started on several projects….painting, cutting and gluing, matching shapes….most anything to keep her busy so that I could be.  Each time she finished an activity, I found her in the same place doing the same thing – sucking those (yes there are three) pacis!

 We have been battling the pacifiers for quite a while now.  I got an idea from an article that I read to use the “paci fairy.”  So Lana Grace knows that when she turns three in a few weeks and has her fairy princess party that the paci fairy is coming to get them.  A little baby somewhere needs them.  Now in exchange, she gets a ridiculous amount of “consolation prizes” but that is a story for another day!

She prayed last night for her “best most favorite things,” her pacis.  She has become very protective of them so she wants to have them now more than ever.  I suppose it is her fear of them disappearing. I hope we are not scarring her for life!

Today’s conversation went like this.  “Mommy I love my pacis.”  “I know that you do Lana Grace but you are becoming a big girl.”  “Well, when I get little for you again can I have them back?”  “Well that is not the way life works.  We don’t get to be little again.  We grow up and become big people.”

We don’t get to be little again.  We don’t get to be little again.  Wow!  Now I know I’m the mommy and I’m probably totally emotional about one of my babies turning three…but this made me sad.  When do we grow up?  When do we lose the ability to be comforted by something so simple?  When exactly do we put aside those silly things that make us giggle and let life become so complicated?

Life is so short.  I’m going to do my best to slow it down a little.  I hope the paci fairy has the courage to show up at our house.  But if not, that is how things work sometimes……. I suppose.


If you are a parent, you’ve been overloaded with this simple three letter word.  Our simple answer (and not a very good one) is “because I said so.”  I read a post this morning at about those three letters.  It was both inspirational and challenging.

I am an over-analyzer of my words.  I always wonder (probably worry but wonder sounds better) if I have offended someone through conversations.  I replay them in my mind and hope that my point was taken the way I intended it to be.  Or maybe I’m hopeful that my point was taken but hiding behind that innocent “Oh I didn’t mean it that way” line.  Many times in my life I have allowed words to slip from my mouth or have written them for others to read and later regretted them.  The sinking feeling when I speak something that doesn’t come from a pure heart is immediate for me.  I was challenged to think about what I wrote or said and find my motives BEFORE saying or writing it.  Wouldn’t the world be a kinder place if we did that?  Wouldn’t we save ourselves and those around us many heartaches?

So my challenge to myself is to question WHY I write and say the things I do.  What is it that I hope to give or gain?  Is it pure?  It is selfish?  Is it humble?  Is it necessary?  Will it build others up or tear them down?  Will it direct others to Christ or make me look good?

I hope that I find myself writing and saying things that are helpful not hurtful, wise not foolish, and humble not prideful.


DSC00778I am so blessed!  Today’s sermon reminded me that if for nothing more, I’m blessed because I was born in this great nation.  So my prayer today for me, for Annabeth, and for you if you need it….is that we would be content with our lives and all of our blessings.