What’s Cookin’?

I’m that person who looks at what others are buying in the grocery store.  I love to check out the conveyor belt and try to figure out what’s on the menu.  Is that weird?

I think this is mostly because I get tired of cooking the same.things.every.week.  Your shopping cart may have just the culinary inspiration that I need.

I’m putting my menu plans for the week out here so that if you lack inspiration, or if there is a dish that you have forgotten about, maybe you will get an idea.

Monday  – We have Bible Study Fellowship so we always needs a quick meal.

Taco Night

ground beef, shredded cheese, instant pot refried beans, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream


Breakfast Night

stone ground grits (in our CSA box last week), scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and smoothies


Mississippi Roast in the crockpot, rolls in the bread machine


Instant Pot Ribs (amazing), vegetables that come in our CSA box this week


Grilled Pork chops, parmesan asparagus, mashed potatoes




Birthday Lunch Out


Breakfast is usually either muffins ( I use Krusteaz classic mix from Sam’s and rotate between strawberry, chocolate, and blueberry add ins), cereal, or smoothies.

Lunches consists of sandwiches and chips,  toothpick lunches (the girls’ name for their favorite lunch-things that can be eaten with a toothpick such as banana slices, crackers, sliced cheese sticks, and diced fruit), or simple pizzas from pita breads, shredded mozzarella, and sauce.


I hope that maybe you’ve found an idea or two that you’d like to try or had forgotten.  If you have a second, tell me in the comments what you’re cookin’ at your house.



Quality Foods with Azure Standard

I feel a little like superwoman when I am feeding my kids nutritious food.  I fall short many, many days and throw fish sticks and bagel bites into the oven.  However, I really enjoy searching out ways to provide quality foods for my family.

One of the ways that I am able to do this is through our local CSA.  I’ve written about it before if you aren’t familiar and would like to know more about what a CSA is.  It is a real blessing to both our family and our local farmers.


For the past three years, my favorite way to get quality ingredients is through Azure Standard.

What is Azure Standard

Azure Standard is a bulk buying co-op that focuses on organic, non-GMO, clean and sustainable products.  The products range from baby diapers to apples.  Once a month (or bi-monthly in some areas), a delivery is made locally and it feels a little like Christmas.  The site coordinator sends out an email detailing the pickup.  This is normally the same day and time every month so that you can plan accordingly.   Everyone meets and quickly helps to unload the items and then off you go to enjoy your amazing goodies!

If you’re not familiar and are interested, you can read more about their quality standards and policies here.

Chances are they have a delivery location (drop) near you!  If not, you can ask for details of starting your own drop site!  Your community will love you!   You will NOT be disappointed.  Promise!

Some of my favorite items:

Any produce in bulk  – we eat A LOT of fruit around here



Shredded Coconut

Rolled Oats  ( for this Uh-MAZING granola)

Thompson raisins (I add to granola above…yummm)

Frozen berries (for smoothies)

Xylitol Gum (girls love this)

I hope that you’ll check it out!  There are so many products available so be prepared to browse for a while!  My referral link is included in this post.

If you do try Azure Standard, let me know what products I need to add to my love list. 🙂




Did I Hear You Right, God?

Do you ever deeply long for an answer to a situation?

Do you pray to have clarity?

Do you sometimes think you hear the answer but then wonder if you made it up yourself?

Those are the ways that I’ve felt for the past six years regarding the schooling of the girls.  Since having the twins, I have felt the deep longing to home school.  I knew for years that there was more that I was supposed to be.  However, by the time that I got done teaching and they got finished with school, we were all too tired to connect.

So, we started thinking of how I could stay home.  We did the budget.  It didn’t work.

We did it again.  We tweaked.  Not much had changed.  We were super frugal.  We still needed to come up with some additional income.

We heard a message at church one Sunday last fall that just stuck with me.  Sometimes, you don’t get the blessing until AFTER you’ve taken a leap of faith.  It was a message for me.

In February, we decided that I would quit my teaching job and home school the girls.  Keep in mind that the girls were in one of the best schools in the state.  People would think I was crazy.  I did not really share this information with many.  If I said it out loud, it made me anxious and doubtful.

Time ticked on.  In May, I finally did it.  I quit full time teaching.

The first few months of summer were spent in anticipation of what school would be like.  The first week in August, we started getting our classroom ready.  The girls were SO excited!  While everyone else was posting back to school pictures, I was posting a relaxed morning with my kids sleeping in.

We started school on August 8th!  We had an incredible week!  We felt immediately that we had made the right decision.

This picture was taken on Friday, August 12th.  Everything about this was peaceful.

The following morning, all of that changed.

My classroom is a little lower than the rest of that house and was the first room to flood.   Two days later, it looked like this.


I said out loud to God, “God, did I hear you right?  I really thought this is what I was supposed to do!”

Five weeks later, the girls’ desks, still neatly labeled with their name and grade, were hauled away with the rest of our home’s contents.


As I stood watching, I was sad.  Those were my honest feelings.  I haven’t been sad very much.  I wasn’t sad for the desks (although those suckers are not cheap on Ebay)!  I simply needed to hear God’s voice of reassurance.

This is what I’ve learned from this situation.

God is here.  He is good.  He cared that I cared about those desks.  He has reassured me more than he needed to over the past weeks in many ways.

He has blessed me with people who have restocked my home school supplies.

He has sent many, many encouragers along the way. I am making new friends with people that I already have grown to love in a very short time.

He has calmed my heart.

We have an apartment for now.

Little things don’t upset me much.

My body feels better than it has in years.

My husband and I are a team.  We grow stronger every day as a unit.

My girls still love our version of school.   This week at co-op, my eight year old looked up as we sat together on a picnic blanket and said, “I love this.  I love everything about this.”

If your dreams are being rearranged and your “desks” are being thrown out, believe this with me.  God has good things in store!  He does for YOU and for ME!

I didn’t hear him wrong.  I just didn’t know the path it would all take.  And that’s okay.