Quality Foods with Azure Standard

I feel a little like superwoman when I am feeding my kids nutritious food.  I fall short many, many days and throw fish sticks and bagel bites into the oven.  However, I really enjoy searching out ways to provide quality foods for my family.

One of the ways that I am able to do this is through our local CSA.  I’ve written about it before if you aren’t familiar and would like to know more about what a CSA is.  It is a real blessing to both our family and our local farmers.


For the past three years, my favorite way to get quality ingredients is through Azure Standard.

What is Azure Standard

Azure Standard is a bulk buying co-op that focuses on organic, non-GMO, clean and sustainable products.  The products range from baby diapers to apples.  Once a month (or bi-monthly in some areas), a delivery is made locally and it feels a little like Christmas.  The site coordinator sends out an email detailing the pickup.  This is normally the same day and time every month so that you can plan accordingly.   Everyone meets and quickly helps to unload the items and then off you go to enjoy your amazing goodies!

If you’re not familiar and are interested, you can read more about their quality standards and policies here.

Chances are they have a delivery location (drop) near you!  If not, you can ask for details of starting your own drop site!  Your community will love you!   You will NOT be disappointed.  Promise!

Some of my favorite items:

Any produce in bulk  – we eat A LOT of fruit around here



Shredded Coconut

Rolled Oats  ( for this Uh-MAZING granola)

Thompson raisins (I add to granola above…yummm)

Frozen berries (for smoothies)

Xylitol Gum (girls love this)

I hope that you’ll check it out!  There are so many products available so be prepared to browse for a while!  My referral link is included in this post.

If you do try Azure Standard, let me know what products I need to add to my love list. 🙂