3 Avocados + Chocolate = Cake

“Hmmmm…..what shall I do with this three ripe avocados that have been in my fruit bowl for a week?


I think I will make a chocolate cake.” – Said no one ever   someone.

I happened to have three avocados… and who doesn’t like chocolate cake? So I decided to try this recipe at crafty cooking mama.  I’m honestly not sure why I decided that and I must admit that it didn’t sound amazing.  But, I was intrigued.

I would caution that this might not be a recipe to make with kids (if you have picky eaters like mine) because it doesn’t look all that appetizing while it is being made.  Knowing that the avocado is in there could be a deal breaker. So, cook alone. 🙂


Mixing the frosting (Do people say frosting or icing?) got a little more exciting.  I was concerned at first but then just like that my countertops started to get sugar dusted and some chocolate yumminess started to form!


The end result is ready to be enjoyed!

FullSizeRender (13)

**Update:  Two people like the cake.  Two do not.  No others will try it.  So that is a 50% approval rate.  




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