Dollar Tree – 5 Things I Always Buy

I am a fan of Dollar Tree.  I love a great deal and I am all about keeping my money in my pocket.  While everything is not a great deal (think dolls that lose their heads while the package is being opened), there are many great finds there!


These are five things that I always buy at Dollar Tree:

  1. IMG_5214Bread   – Yes, I buy my bread at Dollar Tree!  No, there is nothing wrong with it and it has not expired.  Yes, I am able to get whole wheat bread and I have several brands to choose from.   I don’t know about you but my PB&J tastes a little better on $1 bread that $2.89 bread. 😉

2. Gift bags – In the past (before my Dollar Tree days) I could spend about as much on the gift bag as I did the gift.  Dollar Tree has bags of all sizes and for all occasions for you guessed it – a dollar!

3. Greeting cards – ALL of my cards come from Dollar Tree.  There are a lot of cute choices and once again, I haven’t spent more on the card than the gift.

4. Seasonal “happies” – This includes things that I am going to likely use once like Easter eggs, Valentine cards, Christmas items (think jingle bell necklaces, santa hats), and other novelties.

5.  Classroom decor – My Dollar Tree has bulletin board borders, letter die cuts, multiple cut outs, posters (even some scientific ones), stickers, and numerous other items that I can easily incorporate into my classroom supplies without breaking the bank.  White poster board is also 2/$1.00.  This can save your sanity during those last minute “I forgot I have a project due tomorrow” moments.

And just for a bonus, this week I bought pepperoncini peppers to use in one of my favorite recipes for Mississippi Roast in the crockpot!IMG_5224

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