Our Homeschool Picks for 3rd and 5th grade

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The popsicles fill the freezer.  The A/C runs all day.  The mosquitoes are out in full force and the daily afternoon Louisiana rain makes it sticky outside.

It’s summertime!  Sweet summertime!

For most of my life this was the time when I recuperated from a year in the classroom and did not want to even THINK about August.

However, now that I’m homeschooling, this is the time of year when I just can’t help myself from starting to plan for the upcoming school year.

I’ve spent weeks, probably a month, researching curriculum choices and narrowing down our picks.

This will be our third year of homeschooling and I finally feel like I can own this as mine.  It feels like I might know what I’m doing.  (Silent prayers going up.)

So, during our four days at home we will be using these curriculum picks:

My 3rd graders 

Math – Math-U-See Gamma Student Pack (for an Additional Student)

with enrichment added if/as needed, xtra math daily practice

History – Veritas Press – Old Testament and Ancient Egypt

Grammar Shurley English Level 3 Kit

Writing – Classically Cursive Book 2: The Ten Commandments

Reading – Veritas Press book selections and comprehension guides

Handwriting – One will take cursive class at co-op and  Classically Cursive Book 2: The Ten Commandments

Music – Violin lessons for one with private instructor and symphony,  piano lessons with me for the other

Bible – We attend weekly BSF and will be doing Grapevine Studies of Ruth and Moses

Science –  Ironically, I don’t know yet.  I was a science teacher for 20 years and this is my hardest subject to decide on for my girls.  Crazy!

Geography – Continent review, continue States and Capitals, class at co-op

Extras:  Frontier Girls (co-op), Art and Science Museum art 1 x a month

My 5th grader 

Math –  Math-U-See Epsilon Universal Set

and selections of Saxon that correspond if needed, xtra math daily practice

History – Veritas Press – Old Testament and Ancient Egypt

Grammar  – Shurley English Level 5 Kit    /Essentials

Writing –  IEW Student Writing Intensive Level A (5 DVDs & Student Materials)

Reading – Veritas Press book selections and comprehension guides

Handwriting – Classically Cursive Book 2: The Ten Commandments

Music – Piano lessons with me using the Alfred Series

Bible – We attend weekly BSF and will be doing Grapevine Studies of Ruth and Moses

ScienceApologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology

Foreign Language – Basic Spanish at co-op

Extras:  Cake decorating  at co-op,  Visual Art at co-op, Art at Science Museum 1 X a month

This past school year, we were members of a classical conversations community on Mondays.  We have decided not to continue with a weekly meeting for Classical Conversations. While I do believe that there is value in the program, I plan to do a similar thing at home. We found that we weren’t home much and wanted to change that since we are HOME schoolers.

We will continue to drive to a nearby town for “co-op” classes.  In our co-op, moms teach a class in something that is their specialty.  It is SO much fun and God really blesses our family through the gifts of these other mamas.  My girls and I both find so much value in this community and it would be hard to give it up.

Thanks for letting me put all of this down onto “paper.” 😉

I would love to hear what you are using this year!  I’ll be sure to post updates once we get started.







Only One Little Bite

I think this post may be my confession of sorts.  It’s my public recognition of weakness if you will.

I always say that I’m a work in progress and that has certainly been true this Father’s Day weekend.

I’ll put a picture next and you can guess what might have happened here.  If you read my earlier post about Trim Healthy Mama, you can clearly see that these are the direct opposite of “on plan.”

We had family over to celebrate this weekend.  My white cake and chocolate buttercream frosting is just amazing!  I don’t take compliments well but when people oooohh and aahhhh over it…there’s nothing to say to dismiss them because it is just SO good.

Enter my weak moment.  I decided Saturday night that I would just have 1/4 of a cupcake. I made a nice little cut with my steak knife and oh my stars!  It was divine!  So I had the other little 1/4 of the half that I had cut.  Sigh.  It sounds crazy but I don’t remember eating the last 1/2 but I did.

Today after church, we went to another family celebration and I had a slice of pie.

We came home to a rainy, lazy Sunday afternoon and I wasn’t prepared with any healthy snacks.  Sidenote: Does anyone else plan for a week, cook a ton of food for a gathering, and have nothing to eat once that one meal has been served?

So…..a few cupcakes were still on the tray.  Repeat the same scenario from last night (because that worked so well….insert eyeroll.)

I have spent the last few hours feeling SO drained and SO lazy.  I’m about to change into my tennis shoes and shorts and walk the neighborhood to make myself feel a little better.

So, what did I learn?

First, let me say that there is nothing wrong with having an occassional treat.  I do not plan to be so strict that I cannot enjoy my food.  Food is not my enemy. I just need to use good judgment and set limits.

But what I took away from this is:

Had I not taken the first bite, I wouldn’t be feeling awful.  Taking the first bite made the next one seem ok.  After I had eaten half, what’s the big deal. I’ll just finish it.  It’s just one cupcake.

What it did was create my desire for sugar again.  I have had very little sugar and that little bit made me crave more.

Somewhere I’m guessing there is an alcoholic with a similar story, a drug addict, someone who is an abuser and someone who gets abused who could probably figure out what their “first bite” was.

You may think that overeating doesn’t wreck your body like those “big offenses” but I am learning to disagree.

The lesson that I personally had revealed to me was that if I dabble in the things that bring me down, it makes going all in a little easier.

It is so much easier to stay away from the things that are my weakness.

Looking back over my life, and hopefully being a little wiser, it is easy to see where my weaknesses were and where satan knew to attack.

What did I learn?  Be prepared.

That doesn’t apply to only stocking healthy snacks.  It applies to my life.


Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

My kids eat more pizza than I care to admit.  Since I started a low(ish)-carb lifestyle, they don’t always love what I’m having.

Pizza to the rescue!

This coupon on DiGiorno makes it tempting to stock up.  This should make the thin pizzas a great deal!

Yes, Please!  Bring on the pizza!

Image result for DiGiorno pizza image

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