On Monday, the girls and I made the decision to go to the local park.  It is so hot here that we really haven’t spent a lot of time outside, especially if it meant leaving home to go sit in the heat!

It was our first day of school and I decided that we needed to do a little something special.  My eight year old learned to skate last year and she wanted to bring her skates.

I was sitting and watching the girls play in the water (would have gone sooner had I remembered there was water).  A man in his mid sixties was there with his grand-daughter.  He saw the skates beside me and asked me if they were mine.


We talked about how I once loved to skate but didn’t think the idea of falling was very fun now.  He started telling me about himself.  He told how he had gone to a skating rink once when he was younger and that he thought that it would have been fun to learn how.  But he only got to go once.  He went on to tell how his father had died and his mother had done the best she could with welfare.  He said “we almost starved to death” and added that you had to pay to go skating so he never learned.  After all those years, he still looked sad about it.  Or maybe talking about it was causing him to remember those hard times.

WOW.  I just sat for a moment and told him how great it was that he had overcome those times and was enjoying his grand-daughter.  We actually talked about a lot of other random things, but all the while I was thinking about his statement.

Here’s the thing.  When  you’re trying to survive, having your kids enjoy a sport or an adventure is not making it on the list.

How blessed we are that I am looking through extracurricular activities for the girls and actually letting them choose some!  If I ever think that I am not,  then I hope that I remember all that we are able to do!

If you read my blog, you know that I am super frugal.  I am always saving money on the things that I can get a deal on.  I save on the things that aren’t so important so that I am able to put my money on what I believe is important, at least to me and my family.

I have also started to work really hard as an itworks distributor and am so glad to be taking some of the financial stress off of my husband now that I have quit full time work.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your income or save money, I’d love to share with you what I know.  Check out my managing the money tab for some ways that I work to do this.

I’m always a work in progress but I am thankful for the things that I have learned and would love passing them along.

Be blessed!