Mermaid Blankets – Great Gift Idea

My girls got similar mermaid tail blankets as Christmas gifts.  Six months later they still love them!  I’d say that is a pretty good gift.  Many things don’t get much attention after January.

These are a much better deal (only $19.99) now than they were at that time!   Head over to Jane to check them out!  They are a fun gift for little girls.

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The End of Walmart price matching – Kind of

Everyone has probably heard of price matching.  The competitors are after your dimes!  One of the biggest price matching attractions has been Walmart.  However, things are changing.

Taking your local newspaper flyers to Walmart is coming to an end.


No more waiting in line while the person in front of you finds the exact ad. (May or may not have been me!)

No more frustration when the ad is for the 12 oz box and you have the 11.9 oz box. (Possibly had this happen too!)

I’ve read so many harsh reviews of this new policy.

I (this is just my opinion) don’t have a problem with this policy.  I can still save the money.  I really have to do LESS work!

It is true that it is not an immediate savings. I cannot save the money on that shopping trip.  That could be some of the dislike that I’m hearing.

However, I often miss an ad and Walmart Savings Catcher app catches it for me!  Head on over to read more and then go to itunes to download this app today!  I’ve made/saved over $60 in the past 6 months. USA, LLC