Getting Tangled Up

I imagine the tricky parts of the world a little bit like this spider web.


I stumbled upon this web while I was looking at the flowers in my garden.  Before I knew it, I was very close to the web AND the spider!  (That moment when you are looking through your camera and you lose focus on that “thing” and the crazy way you imagine that it is now on you.) 🙂  Maybe I’m the only one who does that!

This world is a lot like that.  I haven’t quite understood that for a lot of my life.  It is only now as I’ve gotten much older, and maybe a tiny bit wiser, that I get it.

I see the implications of coming dangerously close to things that I shouldn’t.  I see how easily it is to get involved in something that is dangerous while searching for something that is appealing.

The Bible uses the term “ensnared” to discuss those who are “caught in” or “trapped” in sin.

It is easy to look at others who might be tangled and hang our head to show our disappointment or shake our head in disapproval.  But, how are we supposed to react?

I think it’s love, not shame.  I think it’s understanding, not to be confused with approval.  I think it’s a wise word or help to find wisdom.  I think it’s helping each of us to find ourselves in Christ.

You see without that, we are going to continue to get or stay tangled.

We are all going to stumble upon those tricky webs in life.

Sometimes it will be us that gets trapped.

Sometimes it will be others.

But God promises that there is always, always a way out.  His name is Jesus.