Dave Ramsey – Take Two, Or Three

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Ready to get gazelle intense?

Henry and I have started the Dave Ramsey program again. We first took Financial Peace University at our church in 2010.  Saying that we took it at our church is a bit misleading.  We had three kids under two so we really took it at home, online.

But, either way.  We fell in love.  And it really works.  So, why is it that we are starting it again?

Just let me say that the couple’s coin jar in the movie Up is a perfect representation of how our budget goes.  Carl and Ellie are saving away with big dreams but they continue to break that jar to take care of emergencies. Around here, I call that “Life getting lifey.”

But today, April 26, 2016 is the day that Henry and I will start on a new financial journey.  We have big plans!

If you’re not familiar with Dave, here is a link to his seven baby steps to financial freedom.  I needed a refresher so I’ve spent some time there today.

So, what would you do if you didn’t have to pay monthly payments for credit cards, student loans, a mortgage?

Would you?

  • tithe a ridiculous amount to your church
  • volunteer your days in service to others
  • provide meals to the hungry
  • travel the world
  • start a business
  • provide scholarships for those in need of a good education
  • build your dream home

If  you can dream it, you can do it!  Henry and I would like to be able to travel, to have more time at home with the kids, to give ridiculously and so much more!  It is so exciting to think of the possibilities.

I personally believe that we were made to thrive.  Sadly, most of us manage to survive!  We are included in that group.

If you don’t like something, change it!  So here we go!

I’d love for you to join us on our journey!  I’ll be blogging here about our progress.








Being Intentional-Like Sands Through the Hour Glass

I grew up watching Days of Our Lives so I automatically finish that in my best Macdonald Carey voice with “So are the days of our lives.”

I wanted to be Hope when I was a teenager (mainly because of Bo) and I started my yearly Christmas ornaments with my kids because of the tree in Alice Horton’s house.

Though the show is very far fetched and absolutely no one has as many lives as Stefano, there is still some truth in that introduction.  Our days, and our lives, really are like the sands through an hourglass.


Lately I’ve been thinking more about this.  There are MANY days when I am just trying to make it until bedtime.  I’m not sure that I am intentional with my time, or my talents for that matter.

I’ve read several articles lately that I think are worth passing along.

I love to make goals so this article  on Dave Ramsey’s site was thought provoking.  It encouraged me to be intentional about spending time on the people who are most important.

I’m working to try to be more intentional with my prayer life and found this article  at There is Grace inspiring.

No matter what your sand looks like this week, know that it is moving.

I am working to make my days look more like I’m living out my faith.  I’m failing at it A LOT but I will continue to try.

Do you have ways that you are intentional with your days?


When a Good Deal Isn’t a Deal

If you know me or you’ve been reading here, you know that I love a good deal.  Not much excites me more than saving money and getting quality items for pennies.

With a large family, one of our major expenses is groceries.  My grocery budget also includes my household items.  I am always looking to save my pennies in that category.  I’d rather do something fun with that money that I can save.  Planning a vacation sounds much more appealing that buying cottage cheese.

I’ve shared here, here, here, and here about some ways that I’m able to save while shopping.

When I go shopping, I always check the quick sale or clearance racks/bins.  Recently, I came across french bread at Wal-mart on the quick sale rack.  One of my picky eaters loves bread so I picked up two loaves.  I mean it is 50 cents!  What a deal!

Well…..two weeks later.  I found it at the back of the pantry.

FullSizeRender (25)

So, that wasn’t a good deal at all.  What’s the moral of this story?  A deal is ONLY a deal if I need it, if I am going to use it, or if I can bless someone else with it.  Just because it is a deal does not mean that I should spend my quarters on it.

Your downfall may not be baked items at the grocery store.

It may be the unworn shoes that are still in the box.

It could be clothes that are hanging with the tags attached.

If you’re watching your dimes as I am, it’s important to remember that not every deal is a good deal.

 Unlike my molded french bread, you can make money back on the other items.  I’ve recently discovered Schoola and Thredup.  You can sale your items to support a school of your choice or to put cash in your pocket!   


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