Saturday feels like a Set Up

Saturday….I’ll get to do it on Saturday.  I will sleep late.  The kids will play together well.  It will only take an hour or so to clean up the house.  I’ll spend some time soaking up the sun. I’ll run in and out of the grocery store.  The pantry and refrigerator will be fully stocked.  I’ll start and complete that project that I have been thinking about.  Poor Saturday, it really gets a lot of pressure from me!

Today, I got out of bed early.  Everyone was out the door and to the Farmer’s Market by 8:30.  I had visions of buying a flat of strawberries.  I had read that they would finally be available this week.  Strawberries for breakfast, strawberries muffins, strawberry smoothies…..I had as many plans for strawberries as Forest did for shrimp.   So you can imagine that my happy got bumped when I circled back to buy my strawberries after we “looked” over the rest of the market!  Sold out!  What? Next week?!

Strawberries, Baskets, Food, Healthy

Truth be told, most of that time was spent with my seven year old in tears because the local animal shelter had puppies (full grown dogs, actually) that needed a home.  It is amazing what kind of dog you can lure kids with when you add a pink bow to its head!  I spent at least 45 minutes trying to convince her that we would think about this 50 lb “puppy” and talk about it later.  So, we went for strawberries and we almost got a dog.

Just now, I was sitting outside soaking up some much needed sunshine.  I had coffee.  I leaned back in my chair.  Heavenly.  Then, I could hear faint screams.  I let them go for a good ten minutes.  No reason to come inside for a false alarm.  “I had it first.” “It’s mine.”  “You didn’t even ask.”  I literally slung my flip flops off and came inside with my “heavy feet” to take care of this.   It was over a plastic horse.  Dumping out the other 99 horses from the basket fixed the problem.

It’s the afternoon now.  So, I’m just going to put this clean laundry right onto the couch.  I’ll put the to-do lists away for today.  My expectations of perfection on Saturday need to be lowered a bit.  For now, I’m just going to stick with being blessed and sometimes stressed.

I’m sure I’ll catch up next Saturday!

Green Cleaning – Making Your Own Cleaners

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I love the idea of having less toxins in my home.  This is coming from a girl who has previously put bleach into her loads of all white laundry.  Once again, I’m a work in progress. I’m learning more about green cleaning every day.

Melaleuca has several products that I enjoy.  I really like the smell of the disinfectant and the tub and tile cleaner.  I have found that the tub and tile cleaner does a pretty good job on normal bathroom buildup. However, the products are pretty pricey and you have to become and remain a monthly member in order to take advantage of the program.  I have been looking around for alternate cleaners that I can feel good about using, all while saving money.

My favorite green cleaner that I have made so far is granite cleaner.  It works really well. It actually works better than the granite spray that I have purchased in the past.  I put the following into a 16 oz spray bottle. Shake. Spray away.

  • 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 3 drops of Dawn or other dish soap
  • Water – enough to fill the remainder of the bottle once you have added the other parts
  • 5-10 drops essential oil (not necessary but helpful if you don’t want to smell the alcohol)

This weekend, I am planning to make this all purpose bathroom cleaner.  I’m excited to try it out!  There are many other recipes for cleaners on this site.  I’d recommend checking them out if you are interesting in cheaper, environmentally conscious cleaners.  The recipe and directions listed are:

3/4 c. baking soda
juice from 1/2 a lemon (about 1/4 c)  — * I am using 1/4 cup bottled lemon juice.
3 tablespoons salt  —* Read below – not safe for all surfaces!
 3 tablespoons liquid dishwashing soap  — * I am using Blue Dawn.
1/2 cup vinegar
10 drops essential oil (optional) –— * I am using  eucalyptus

Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl to make a paste; use scrub brush or sponge to apply to tub, shower walls, & sinks.  (Be sure to test a small area to make sure that it does not scuff tub surface; if so, eliminate the salt from the mixture!  Rinse well with water and a wet rag, then dry with a clean rag or old towel.)

I actually like cleaning my house.  I feel pretty accomplished when things are nice and clean.  It makes me feel a little better about the whole process when I’m using cleaners that are cheap and not harmful to my family.

If you have other ideas or recipes for green cleaning, please share them in the comments!